Calories in skimmed Nadec Yogurt

Dieting needs to accurately track the calories consumed throughout the day, Relying on skimmed products, Or low in fat most of the time, One of the products that can be relied upon is fat-free Nadec yogurt as it is very low in calories. The following is a discussion of the most important calories in Nadec Yogurt Skimmed, so follow us to learn about them.

Calories in skimmed Nadec Yogurt

The calories in Nadec Skimmed Yogurt are 84 calories in the small package.


Ingredients for skimmed Nadec yogurt

  • Fresh cow’s milk (skimmed)
  • Milk solids
  • Pectin fixative
  • Initiator
  • 0.1% the most fat limit
  • At least 8.2% of solids
  • 68 IU Vitamin D3

Made from 100% fresh cow’s milk from our farms

Of the calories in Nadec Yogurt skimmed previously mentioned, we find that its consumption is not a problem in low-calorie diets. It can be considered as a very low-calorie snack.

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