Calories in Low Fat Nadec Labneh

Milk is one of the most light foods that are consumed more than once a day. It makes a great snack to start the day in the morning. Or even at the end of sleep so that you do not overload with eating, causing you indigestion that prevents you from a good sleep in the evening, That is why we will discuss with you in the following what are the calories in low-fat Labneh Nadec, follow us

Calories in Low Fat Nadec Labneh

The calories in Nadec Low Fat Labneh are 29 kcal per 25g


Labneh Nadec ingredients low fat

  • Fresh pasteurized milk
  • Milk solids
  • E440 (installed)
  • E471 (emulsifier)
  • 0.5% salt
  • Initiator
  • 5% milk fat (minimum)
  • 19% non-greasy solids (minimum)

Labneh can, of course, be included in your healthy diet provided that it is consumed within the allowable daily caloric rate.

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