Calories in full-fat Lamar milk

Today we are discussing the calories in Lamar milk, as it is well known that milk is one of the foods that is consumed as necessary, Despite the different types of milk in the market, However, each type has its own preferences. And loves to rely on it, Today we talk about Lamar’s milk, Where we will learn together about what it contains from the ingredients, In addition to the calories it contains.

Calories in Lamar Milk

The calories in Lamar Milk per cup of 200 ml of it include between energy of about 119 calories. Fat 6.0 grams, There are carbohydrates of 9.6 grams, Milk also contains 6.6 grams of protein.

There is also vitamin A in the ratio of 250 IU, And vitamin B1 at 0.085 mg, And vitamin B2 by 0.35 mg.

As for vitamin D, Each 200ml cup of Lamar milk contains about 400 IU. As for calcium, it is 250 mg. Phosphorous is about 186 milligrams.


Lamar Milk Ingredients

Lamar Milk consists of the following ingredients:

  • 100% natural fresh UHT milk
  • 3% fat
  • 8.25% lactic solids, not greasy

A bottle of Lamar comes in a volume of 1 liter pure, full cream. It is produced by the Alexandria Agricultural Company, via Canal El-Nasr, West Nubaria. It can be consumed in your diet within your calorie needs.

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