Calories in cocoa biscrem

The calories in Biskrem, a biscuit filled with delicious cocoa cream, And there is an encapsulated type that contains one large piece, And another envelope contains four small pieces. Today we are going to talk about an envelope with cream that contains 4 small pieces. Where we will eat the calories in Biskrem, so follow us.

Calories in cocoa biscrem

The size of a serving of 2 biscrem, cocoa biscuit, With a weight of 20 grams for the two pieces, the total calories are around 100.5 calories, Distributed among the total carbohydrates 13.1 grams, by 7%, Dietary fiber 0.44 grams, 2%. Total sugars 6.8 grams, And added sugar, about 6.7 grams, or 13%.

As for the protein contained in one serving of Biskrem, it is 1.0 grams, or 2%.

And when it comes to total fat, It is 4.9 grams at 7%. Saturated fat 2.0 grams at 10%, It does not contain any trans fats. At a rate of 0 grams, As for cholesterol, It also does not contain it, its percentage is 0 grams, And as for sodium, It contains 45 mg, 2%.

Biskrem Cocoa Biscuit Nutritional Ingredients

The biscuit contains wheat flour, sugar, Non-hydrogenated vegetable oils (palm), water, Cocoa powder at 3%, Glucose syrup, eggs, Invert sugar syrup, Hazelnut paste, Whole milk powder, salt, Lifting agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate, Disodium diphosphate, Ammonium hydrogen carbonate (emulsifiers) soy lecithin, Polyglycerol polyresinolate (palmate), Whey (milk) powder flavors similar to nature, (butter, coconut, Hazelnut) artificial flavor (ethyl vanillin), Antioxidants (triple, Butylhydroquinone)

The product contains wheat, It is produced by Hi Food Company for advanced food industries


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