Calories in Cocoa Biscuits with Cocoa Cream Cocoa Lovers

Cocoa Lovers is a cocoa biscuit filled with cocoa cream. There is more than one type of sweets with the same name. But let’s talk now about Cocoa Lovers biscuits, This biscuit is characterized by its soft taste, And the rich, very similar to the taste of a chocolate cake, although it is basically a biscuit. Not a cake, But it is soft, and smooth, And at the same time crunchy, and delicious, The biscuit holds the rich cocoa cream inside, And luxury. The package consists of 4 medium-sized cocoa biscuits.


Calories in Cocoa Biscuits with Cocoa Cream Cocoa Lovers

The calories in Cocoa Lovers’ biscuits are 222 calories for 4 biscuits, meaning that one biscuit is about 55.5 calories. Total fat is about 3.5 grams 5%. As for saturated fats, It is about 1.5 grams. The percentage of sodium in the biscuit is 10 mg. Total carbohydrates are 5 g. Sugar is 3 grams, Protein 1 gram, It does not contain 0 grams of fiber.

It can be consumed within a diet that contains a total of 2000 calories per day. It can also be consumed on a low-calorie diet. But you should pay close attention not to overdo it. And suffice with only four pills per week, Knowing that it does not contain cholesterol.


Cocoa Lovers biscuit ingredients

Cocoa Lovers Cocoa biscuits filled with cocoa cream contain non-hydrogenated vegetable oils (palm oil, Palm kernel oils (sugar, Wheat flour, Cocoa powder, Full Cream Cow’s Milk Powder, Egg powder, Glucose syrup, Emulsifiers of vegetable origin (soy lecithin E322) salt, Artificial flavoring substances (vanilla, Chocolate) promoters (sodium bicarbonate E500) This product also contains two rounds, milk, eggs, soy, It may also contain nuts. However, it does not contain pork fat and its derivatives.


The place of production of Cocoa Lovers cookies

Biscuits produced by Mass Food International, October 6 City, The third industrial zone, For the benefit of the Egyptian Food Company, Bisco Misr, Al Amiriya, Cairo.

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