Calories in Snacks Julio

Snacks Julio is one of the most famous salted snacks known in the Arab Republic of Egypt, It has been around for many years since we have always been eating it. And when we are young, And Snacks Julio still has a distinct crunchy delicious taste, The salty that combines the flavors of cheese, tomatoes, To form a unique taste, And featured.

But it is on the other side, A fried snack, so, It is expected to be high in calories. This is a breakdown of its calories.


Calories in Snacks Julio

A serving of 10 grams of Snack Julio contains about 44.2 caloriesDistributed between protein with a quantity of 0.65 grams, fats the size of 2 grams, in addition to saturated fats with a number of 1 gram for each amount consisting of ten grams, there are also sugars inside Snacks Julio with a number of 0.05 grams, carbohydrates with a size of 5.9 grams, and snacks contain sodium in an amount 76 milligrams, and 0.2 grams of fiber.


Ingredients for Snacks Julio

Julio is produced by Al-Jawhara Food Industries LLC. The company’s management is located at 33 A Ramses Street. The snacks consist of cornmeal and rice, in addition to vegetable oil (palm oil), in addition to the taste of cheese, tomato taste, and salt. 4% food.

Julio Snacks includes a group of natural colors (Annatto SIN 160B), and it is preferable to store the snacks in a dry place. And not to expose it to sunlight directly so as not to be exposed to damage.

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