Calories in Philadelphia cheese with cucumber flavor

Calories in Philadelphia cheese with cucumber flavor, which is a type of cheese that belongs to the famous Philadelphia brand specialized in the production of cheeses of all kinds. And its different flavour.

What distinguishes this type of cheese is that it comes with a taste of cucumber, It is basically the favorite taste of many cheese lovers, Cucumber is an essential companion with cheese in sandwiches.

So instead of preparing cucumbers, Cheese is one of them. Philadelphia made it easy for consumers, And she mixed all the cheese, And cucumber together in Philadelphia cheese with cucumber flavor.

In the following report, a detailed explanation of what are the calories in Philadelphia cheese with cucumber flavor and the most important nutritional ingredients that were prepared from it, Follow us.

Calories in Philadelphia cheese with cucumber flavor


A 30-gram serving of Philadelphia jasmine with cucumber flavor contains 40.5 calories, distributed as follows.

Total fat is estimated at 2.9 grams (4%) of the daily intake, There is saturated fat at 2.0 grams (10%) of the daily intake, Plus 0.1 grams of trans fat, There is cholesterol in the amount of 7.5 grams, or about (2.5%) of the daily consumption.

On the other hand, that portion of Philadelphia cheese with cucumber flavor contains 129 mg of sodium, or 5% of the daily consumption. There are also total carbohydrates of 1.5 grams (0.3%).

This ration also includes dietary fitness of 0.1 grams (0.4%) and there are total sugars of 1.4 grams, The product does not contain any added sugars. As for the amount of protein in that serving, Its amount is 2.1 grams.

Nutritional ingredients in Philadelphia Cheese Cucumber Flavor


  • Cream cheese (cream) with cucumber slices (6%) and feta cheese (2%)
  • milk
  • cream
  • Milk whey
  • cucumber slices (6%)
  • Feta cheese (2%)
  • salt
  • Capacitors (E410, E407)
  • garlic
  • Onions
  • Starch
  • acid (E330, E 270)
  • white pepper
  • Cheese flavor


The product contains milk and may not be suitable for those with milk allergies.

Store the product in a refrigerated temperature range (1-8°C) and the product must be consumed within 5 days from the day the package was opened.

The nutritional values mentioned above are based on a moderate diet chart, which is estimated to be around 2,000 calories per day.

These were the most prominent details regarding the calories in Philadelphia Cheese with Cucumber Flavor. We hope you have benefited from it.

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