Calories in Zamzam potatoes with tomatoes

Zamzam potatoes with tomatoes is the old name for corn meals with tomato flavor, or another name is corn snack with tomatoes But the most famous name is the Zamzam potato with tomatoes, although it is devoid of potatoes or any of its derivatives, but because this name was attached to it from the days of the good.

In the following lines, we will learn about the nutritional values of Zamzam Snack with tomato and cornmeal with tomato flavor.

Calories in Zamzam potatoes with tomatoes

The calories in Zamzam potatoes with tomatoes are 67 calories in the 12 gm small bag, Fats make up 56.6% of total calories. It is followed by carbohydrates at 39.5%, and then protein, the lowest at 3.7%.


Zamzam snack with tomatoes ingredients

  • Corn flour
  • rice
  • Palm oil
  • Tomato flavor
  • Cheese flavor
  • E160 c natural color (sweet pepper)


Notes on tomato-flavored cornmeal

  1. gluten-free
  2. Low in calories
  3. Low in carbohydrates
  4. a salty snack

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