Calories in Sky Flex Crackers

What is Sky Flakes?

Sky Flex is a light, salted cracker biscuit that is used as a snack between meals or in desserts.


Does the Sky Flakes Crackers benefit the diet?

Sky Flakes is a low-calorie Crackers. Each 25 gm package contains 110 calories, which makes it suitable for the diet at first glance !!

Because this type of crackers contains hydrogenated fats !! Yes, hydrogenated fats from palm oil and coconut oil.

It also contains 200 mg of sodium, which covers your daily need of sodium by 8% for a normal person and by 11% for patients with high blood pressure and kidneys, Therefore, you should pay attention to the amount of sodium you eat daily so that you do not take more than your need.


Ingredients for Sky Flakes Crackers

  • Wheat flour
  • Vegetable fat (palm oil) (hydrogenated)
  • Vegetable fat (coconut oil) (hydrogenated)
  • Coconut Oil
  • salt
  • sugar
  • E. 500 lifter
  • yeast

Notes on Sky Flakes

  1. Sky Flex is a low-calorie Crackers.
  2. Contains hydrogenated vegetable fats from palm oil and coconut oil.
  3. It covers your daily sodium need by 8% for a normal person and 11% for patients with high blood pressure, kidneys and heart.
  4. Not suitable for anyone suffering from gluten sensitivity
  5. It was produced on the same machines that use barley. Soybeans, Milk and oats

Food products similar to Sky Flakes

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  2. Cookie Nosez
  3. Biscuit Fitness Diet
  4. Rico biscuit
  5. Lotus biscuit
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