Calories in Chilli and Garlic Sauce from Delicio

Chilli is one of the favorite flavors for many. This is why there are many hot sauces that depend on chili ingredients. They include pepper and garlic sauce from Delicio, which provide an excellent spicy sauce flavor that can be added to various foods, Today we will learn about its components, And their nutritional values.

The calories in Delicio Chilli Sauce are 1.1 calories per 100g. Fats make up the highest percentage of calories, at 57.3%. And then carbohydrates at 40%, And then protein, which is the lowest, at 3.6%.

Hot pepper and garlic from Delicou

This sauce incorporates the unique notes of chili, garlic, Natural vinegar, It is the perfect combination to add wonderful flavor to any food.


Hot pepper and garlic ingredients

  • Water
  • Pepper paste
  • Natural vinegar
  • salt
  • Garlic (spice)
  • Cumin (spice)
  • Turmeric powder (spice)
  • E415 (thickener)

Keep in a cool, dry place

These were the most prominent nutritional values in Delicio chilli and garlic salsa

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