Calories in Schweppes Gold Pineapple

Soft drinks of all kinds are an essential ally for meals for many. Since they could not eat the meal without it, If it happened, For them the meal will be incomplete, And one of those drinks that many enjoy, It has a good reputation as Schweppes Gold Pineapple, It’s a wonderful pineapple soft drink that makes many fall in love with the first sip.

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Calories in Schweppes Gold Pineapple

Calories in Schweppes Gold Pineapple per 100ml are 56 Calories, And carbohydrates with a volume of 14 grams, Including sugars also with a size of 14 grams, It does not contain any amount of protein. Where the amount of protein equals 0 grams.

It also does not contain any total fat. They are 0 grams, And when it comes to the sodium found in every 100ml of Schweppes Gold Pineapple, It is 4 milligrams.

That is, Schweppes with Pineapple is considered a low-sodium drink. And at the same time high in sugars.

Schweppes Gold package contains 7 serving units based on 250ml per unit, The entire bottle contains 1.75 liters. The amount of energy in one 250 ml cup is 140 calories.

It is eaten by people who need 2000 calories per day. They do not follow any diet regimen.


Nutritional ingredients in Schweppes Gold Pineapple

Schweppes Gold is Pineapple flavored soft drink Alcohol-free consists of:

  • Carbonated water
  • sugar Or fructose syrup
  • Acidity regulators (citric acid – malic acid)
  • Malt extract
  • Pineapple flavors
  • And Hops
  • Preservatives within the permissible limits (potassium sorbate, And sodium benzoate)
  • Foaming Agent (Quilalea Extract)

The packaging was carried out in the Arab Republic of Egypt by a manufacturing company. Coca-Cola Egypt bottling the industrial zone, Sixth district, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt, with the approval of Schweppes Holding Limited

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