Calories in pasta Antonio Spaghetti

We all love pasta without exception. It is a staple meal that is often relied upon.
pasta is easy, And the speed of preparation In a few seconds we can have cooked, delicious pasta, It is also distinguished by the fact that many meals can be prepared with it. It is not confined to the traditional form only. But you can add some sauces, meat, to become unique varieties, There are many different shapes that create a distinctive aesthetic appearance on your trip even, Although they agree together in the same taste.
And because pasta is one of the most important meals we eat daily, here are the calories in Antonio pasta in detail.

Calories in pasta antonio

The energy per 100 grams of Antonio pasta is 360 calories, The protein is 11 grams, the carbohydrates in Antonio pasta are 75 grams, and the fat is 9.5 grams.

And from the previous calories of Antonio pasta, we find that it has a rather high carbohydrate content for a total portion of no more than 100 grams, or a few small spoons of it, so it should be consumed carefully within the normal range of calories consumed per day of your diet.
Antonio pasta was made in the new city of Borg El Arab, 4th industrial zone, Block 6, Plot 8.15, And the ingredients included in the pasta are 72% of the finest wheat + water

Spaghetti Antonio

Spaghetti pasta for cooking is prepared from the finest types of wheat, it is prepared by boiling in water until it is cooked, and then drained from the water, It is mixed with sauce. or white cream, Or leave it plain as desired

  • Flour extract 72% from the finest types of wheat
  • Water

Antonio Spaghetti Pasta Manufacture by Antonio Brothers Company for Food Products, New Borg El Arab City, Fourth Industrial Zone, Block 6, Plot 8.15

Components that work with Antonio pasta

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