Calories in Nescafe Vanilla Ice Wafer

Calories in Iced Nescafe Vanilla Wafer, which is one of the distinctive flavors offered by the famous Nescafe brand, along with many other wonderful flavors.

The product presented by the brand Nescafe, which we are about to talk about today, It is an instant coffee drink sweetened with the flavor of wafer with vanilla and toffee, It is easily consumed This is after mixing with water.

The product comes in envelopes, And each sachet is enough to make one cup of instant coffee, just prepare the water, Put the contents of the envelope into the cup, and pour water over it, You can add sugar as desired.

In the following report, the nutritional card for the calories in Nescafe Vanilla Frozen Wafer and its most important nutritional contents.

Calories in Nescafe Vanilla Iced Wafer

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One serving in each sachet of Iced Nescafe Vanilla Wafer, which is enough to make 1 cup of 325 ml, contains about 223 calories, distributed as follows.

Total total fat is about 3.1 grams (4%) of the daily intake, Of which saturated fat is about 1.9 grams (10%) of the daily intake, The product does not contain any trans fats.

On the other hand, the product includes a cholesterol amount of 15.5 milligrams (5%) of the daily consumption. There is 0.19 grams of sodium (8%) of the daily intake. There is also 0.46g of salt (8%) of the daily intake.

The product also includes total carbohydrates about 37.3 grams, or 14 percent of the daily consumption. There is dietary fiber in the amount of 1.5 grams (5%) of the daily consumption.

As for the total sugars in this product, It is 34.9 grams, And added sugar is 19.2 grams (38%) of the daily requirement. and there as well, Protein 11.4 (23%) of the daily requirement. Calcium is about 386.0 mg, or 39% of the daily requirement.

Nutritional ingredients in Nescafe Vanilla Iced Wafer

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  • sugar
  • instant coffee
  • Maltodextrin
  • nature identical flavors (vanilla, toffee, wafer)
  • thickener (cellulose gum)
  • salt


The product may contain milk so should be avoided by people with milk allergy.

These were the most important details regarding the calories in Iced Nescafe Vanilla Wafer and should be consumed within your available calories in your diet chart.

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