Calories in McVitie’s Digestive Golden Oatmeal

McVitie’s golden oat cookies are one of the most popular and widely traded oat cookies when it comes to oat cookies. This is due to its sweetness, which makes many people prefer it over other oatmeal crackers on the market. It is worth mentioning, That this type of biscuit is true made from oats, However, it is not necessarily 100% healthy. This is because it contains sugar. There are many dietary diets that prevent sugar from consuming sugar in their diet. Therefore, you should get to know completely all its prices.


Calories in McVitie’s Digestive Golden Oatmeal

A pack of McVitie’s cookies contains 2 biscuits. Each piece weighs 14.3 grams, And theThese are the calories in a single biscuit. It contains 64.9 kcalIt has fats with an amount of 2.9 grams, of which saturates reach 1.3 grams, and trans fats, amounting to 0.01 grams.

As for the size of carbohydrates per piece, They are 8.7 grams, Of which sugars with a number of 3.6 grams, And fiber of 0.09 grams, And protein at 1.0 grams, Salt / sodium at a ratio of 0.12 grams, or 120 mg.


Ingredients for McVitie’s Biscuit Golden Oatmeal:

The biscuit is made from 38% oatmeal. Wheat flour at 23%, Plus sugar, Vegetable zine (palm) and partially inverted sugar syrup, And glucose syrup, And promoter materials (sodium bicarbonate) salt.

It is reported that the product does not contain alcohol. Or pork fat derivatives, It is suitable for vegetarians, However, it should be taken care of by those who suffer from gluten sensitivity, Because it may contain cow’s milk, nuts, soy, etc. eggs.

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Biscuit making in Egypt for McVitie’s by Hi Food for Advanced Food Industries, 10th of Ramadan City


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