Calories in ketchup and jalapeno chips

We offer you the calories in Chipsy with ketchup and jalapeno, as it is a great combination between sweet, salty, and spicy, And there are many who prefer it to the traditional foods known for chips.

It can be eaten as a light snack, And this depends on the amount that you will eat of it, For example, if you are satisfied with an amount in the range of 20 to 25 grams per day, This may be Low-calorie snack There is no problem with it, provided that its consumption comes within the calories allowed for you throughout the day, So let’s get to know in detail its components, What are the calories it contains?

Calories in ketchup and jalapeno chips

Only 10 grams of chips with ketchup and jalapeno contains about 48.4 grams of calories, It has a total protein of about 0.80 grams, As for carbohydrates, they are 5.1 grams, Of which sugars are about 0.27 grams. There are fats about 2.8 grams, of which saturated fats about 1.3 grams.

As for fiber, They are about 0.52 grams, As for sodium, the chips are flavored with ketchup. And jalapeno contains an estimated amount of sodium of 0.06 grams, or 60 mg.


Chipsy ingredients with ketchup and jalapeno

Chipsy ketchup and jalapeno contains the following ingredients:

  • Fresh potatoes
  • Vegetable oil
  • Flavorings (ketchup, Jalapeno)

It is reported that the product is produced by Chipsy Food Industries PJSC. M . M and can be consumed naturally, However, it should not be consumed too much due to the preservatives it contains.

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