Calories in hot sauce and lemon chips

Today we offer the calories in a spicy hot sauce and lemon chips, as the spicy taste is the favorite taste of many, This is why you find many of his fans prefer spicy chips to many other flavors. While there are other people who prefer to avoid the spicy taste in their food in general, even if it is chips, As it is always said, had it not been for the different tastes of commodities, Today, we will devote the discussion of hot chili and lemon chips, so follow us.

Calories in hot sauce and lemon chips

Chipsy with the taste of hot chili and lemon, in each ten gram amount, contains 50 calories. Of which protein is about 0.79 grams, In addition to carbohydrates of about 5.2 grams, of which sugars are about 0.10 grams, There are fats of about 2.9 grams, Of which saturated fat is about 1.3 grams.

As for fiber, it is only 0.53 grams, Sodium is about 0.06 grams (60 mg), all of which is only ten grams of the weight of the chips.


Chipsy ingredients with hot chili and lemon flavor

Chipsy with hot chili and lemon flavor contains the following ingredients:

  • Fresh potatoes
  • Vegetable oil
  • The flavor of chili and lemon
  • Contains wheat (gluten)

The product is produced by Chipsy Food Industries K.S.C. M . M

This was the most important information related to the calories in hot sauce and lemon chips, and it can be consumed within a full-calorie diet. It has a daily calories of 2000 calories.

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