Calories in Heinz chili mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is one of the most popular sauces in the world and is usually a compliment to main dishes or salads. And it is used by many individuals around the world, from children to adults, without exception.

But the majority are ignorant of the ingredients and nutritional values of mayonnaise, as it contains high fats and high salts (sodium). This, in turn, is unhealthy in addition to high calories, which in turn may contribute to weight gain when used in large quantities.

But don’t worry! Where we’ve been atIam Dieter By analyzing the nutritional values data within a nutritional card that contains the calories in Heinz chili mayonnaise and its nutritional components in order to be able to control the appropriate quantities for you.

Calories in Heinz chili mayonnaise

The calories in Heinz Mayonnaise with Chili is 86.5 calories for every 15 grams, which is roughly equal to 1 tablespoon. It is high in fat as it contains 9 grams of fat.

Ingredients Heinz chili mayonnaise

  • Soybean oil
  • Water
  • vinegar
  • yolk
  • sugar
  • Chili (chili flakes)
  • Rate arose
  • salt
  • E415 xanthan gum (thickener)
  • E 202 is a preservative of potassium sorbate
  • Jalapeno pepper extract
  • Lemonade concentrate
  • Mustard flour
  • Tocopherol (an antioxidant)
  • Disodium and calcium acetate (antioxidant)
  • Paprika extract (colored)
  1. Contains allergens (eggs, soy, etc. mustard)
  2. Keep in a cool, dry place
  3. After opening, it will be kept in the refrigerator for 6 weeks and not frozen
  4. Produced in the United Arab Emirates by Heinz

After we know the calories in Heinz mayonnaise with chili you can browse our guide Calories in mayonnaise To get to know the rest of the various mayonnaise products.

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