Calories in Goody Tuna with Mexican Recipe

Goody Tuna with Mexican Recipe is the quick choice if you are looking for a meal rich in protein and fiber, nutritious and delicious at the same time.

The calories in Goody tuna with the Mexican recipe are 225.7 calories, with fat the highest proportion being 42.7%. It is followed by carbohydrates at 30.4%, Finally, protein at 27.1%, which is the least bulk.

And as this product is considered high in fiber it is also High sodium, as one package covers a quarter of a healthy individual’s daily sodium requirement. And a third of the daily need for patients with kidney, heart and pressure.

For more nutritional information, please read the following nutritional label and give us your opinion in the comments


Goody tuna ingredients with mexican mix

Seasoned tuna meal with vegetables

  • Skipjack tuna
  • Red beans
  • Sweet corn
  • Carrot cubes
  • Red pepper cubes
  • Hot red pepper (fresh and chopped)
  • Water
  • sunflower oil
  • Sea salt
  • Vegetable broth (peas and carrots)
  • vinegar
  • Stabilizer E412 Guar Gum (Thickener)
  • Natural lemon flavor
  • Chili oil

Notes on Goody Tuna with Mexican Recipe

  1. Keep in a cool dry place
  2. Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within a short period
  3. Thailand produced under the authority of the trademark owners for Goody Middle East


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