Calories in Eve’s sage pasta

Hawa pasta is one of the most popular pasta items that are traded in the market. And it is distinguished by its high quality that makes it the first choice for many, And also it is offered at a competitive price that is not high, And it can prepare many varieties of wonderful foods that will introduce you to a new meaning of pasta.


Calories in Eve’s sage pasta

The calories in Eve’s sage, based on a serving of 100 grams, is about 348 calories. Distributed over 1.1 grams 2% fat and 2 mg 0% sodium. And carbohydrates size of 73 grams 24%, And protein in an amount of 11.5 grams, It is suitable for consumption by people who follow a 2,000 calorie diet per day.

Eve bag almond noodles, consisting of 400 grams, 4 units of it can be submitted on the basis of the aforementioned ratios.

The pasta is produced by Badawy Group for Food Industries, 10th of Ramadan, Industrial Zone A7, and is valid for 18 months from the date of production.


Nutritional ingredients in Eve Almariah pasta

The pasta is made of 72% flour, And water.


How to prepare Eve Almarai pasta

Pasta is prepared in three steps:

  1. Boil every 100 grams of pasta in a liter of water, With the addition of a tablespoon of salt to the water.
  2. And continue to stir it during boiling twice, Or three until they are fully ripe, Then it is completely filtered out of the water
  3. Here you have the freedom to choose to eat it boiled as it is, Or tomato sauce additives, Or bechamel sauce, And minced meat, Or anything else as desired.
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