Calories in Crunchy Sweet Chili Taste

The calories in Crunchy sweet pepper should be carefully watched. Especially since the sweet pepper flavor of Crunchy Potato is one of the favorite bait for many.

This type of potato is characterized by its fishy slices, And the shape of the potato slice itself is polygonal. Because its distinctive shape, in addition to its taste, may make it a favorite among many.

There are many unique and typical foods from Crunchy Fries. But our conversation in this article about Crunchy is specialized in the sweet pepper flavor, Where we will learn about its calories, And the components it contains, Follow us.


Calories in Crunchy Sweet Chili Taste

An estimated amount of 10 grams of Crunchy Fries contains about 48 calories. The amount of protein contained in that amount is about 0.77 grams, As for the number of carbohydrates, They are 5.0g, The amount of sugars in ten grams of Crunchy potatoes is about 0.32 grams.

There is a total fat in that amount of about 2.8 grams, As for saturated fats, They are about 1.3 grams, And fiber is estimated at 0.72 grams. As for the amount of sodium in that amount, It is 0.05 grams (50 mg).


Crunchy ingredients with sweet pepper flavor

Crunchy Sweet Chili Taste consists of the following:

  • Fresh potatoes
  • Vegetable oil
  • Taste gain (sweet pepper)

Contains wheat and its derivatives (gluten)

The product is produced by Chipsy Food Industries K.S.C. M . M and there are many other baits that offer a variety of options for different tastes, Which include the taste of chicken, chili, and lemon, And marinated cheese, Spicy sausage, tomato, And pizza.


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