Calories in Creamy Nadec Cheddar Cheese

Cream cheese is very tasty, But in exchange for this pleasure, you are actually sacrificing many calories that you can distribute throughout the day. Here is a breakdown of what are the calories in cheddar cheese from Nadec, follow us.

The calories in creamy Nadec cheddar cheese are 32 calories per 10 gm of liquid cheese, Most of its calories are from fat by 85.2%, which makes it high in fat due to the addition of milk fat and palm kernel oil. This type of cassette cheese is classified as “cheese-like”.

To find out more about the nutritional values in Nadec cheese, check out the nutritional label with us.


Nadec cups cheese ingredients

  • Fresh pasteurized milk
  • Milk fat (non-animal fluff)
  • Palm kernel oil
  • Milk solids
  • E452 (emulsifiers)
  • E450 (emulsifiers)
  • salt
  • E407 (stabilizers)
  • E415 (stabilizers)
  • E 202 (preservative)
  • E 234 preservatives
  • Natural Clorphy Color E141
  • Initiator
  • Vitamin D
  • At least 55% fat in dry matter

Cream cheese from Nadec, Rich, healthy and full of benefits for the entire family

This type of cheese should be consumed with caution, And it is better to choose a healthier alternative than them.


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