Calories in Coca-Cola Zero

Diet Coca-Cola is one of the Low-calorie alternatives that is relied upon as an alternative to regular Coca-Cola, But there are many who believe that Diet Coca-Cola is just a trick that they are deceived in order to market it to followers of a healthy diet, But in fact Coca-Cola Zero is really Coca-Cola for those who want to reduce their calories from regular Coca-Cola, Especially since regular Coca-Cola has high calories. But when it comes to Diet Coke, here are the calories in it

Calories in Coca-Cola Zero

The energy contained in a quantity of 100 ml of Diet Coke is about 0.2 calories, and carbohydrates 0 grams, As for sugars, because they are diet, they do not contain any sugars. Where the percentage of sugars in it is 0 grams, And when it comes to protein, total fat, Diet Coca-Cola does not contain any of them at all. Where the ratio is 0 grams.

And when it comes to sodium, We will find that 100 ml of Diet Coke contains 4 mg of sodium.

Coca-Cola Diet Ingredients

  • Carbonated water
  • Caramel
  • Phosphoric acid (acidity regulator)
  • Aspartame (an artificial sweetener that should not be used by people with phenylketonuria)
  • acesulfame potassium (artificial sweetener not to be used by people with phenylketonuria)
  • Sucralose (sweetener)
  • Sodium benzoate (preservative)
  • Trisodium Citrate (Acidity Regulator)
  • Caffeine (a stimulant)

What are the ingredients of Coca-Cola Zero?

Diet Coca-Cola contains carbonated water, caramel, acidity regulator, Or what is known as (phosphoric acid) in addition to flavors, And theSweeteners (aspartame – acesulfame potassium – almond sugar, and sodium benzoate, Trisodium Citrate, Caffeine, and contain vinyl source, Therefore, it is advised not to be used by patients with phenylketonuria, It is also generally not recommended for use by children under three years of age. A doctor should be consulted in the event of pregnancy. and breast-feeding before the adoption of ingestion.

Coca-Cola was filled in Egypt in the Industrial Zone, Sixth District, Nasr City, It is affiliated with the Coca-Cola Company.

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