Calories in Cheetos Puffs with Chili

Here are the calories in Cheetos Pafs with Chili, which is one of the most delicious crackers that have a wide variety of flavors. It is mainly made from cornmeal. This is the reason behind its delicious crunch.

This type of snack is prepared by frying in oil. So, before you eat it, you must know in detail the calories it contains. In addition to the nutritional components included in its composition, Here is a breakdown of that. Below.


Calories in Cheetos Puffs with Chili

The amount of 10 grams of cheetos puffs with chili contains 49 calories. With a fat amount of 2.4 grams, Saturated fat is about 1.0 grams. As for carbohydrates, They are 6.1 grams, Fiber 0.2 grams, As for sugars, They are 0.3 grams, And protein is about 0.7 grams.

The amount of sodium in the total amount of ten grams of Cheetos Pafs with chili is 103 mg.


Nutritional ingredients in Cheetos Puffs with Chili

Cheetos puffs are made with salsa. It is a salted popcorn corn product from the following ingredients:

  • Crushed corn
  • Vegetable oil
  • The taste of chilli
  • Contains milk and dairy products (lactose)
  • Contains wheat and its derivatives (gluten)
  • Contains soybeans and their derivatives
  • Contains barley and its derivatives (gluten)


The product is produced by Chipsy Food Industries K.S.C. M . M – with permission from PepsiCo Inc., Porshas, New York, It can be consumed within a 2000 calorie diet. Or more, on condition not to overindulge because it contains high carbohydrates compared to fiber, And the protein it contains.

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