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Wonderful natural almonds, how many calories


Wonderful natural almonds, how many calories? Almonds are one of the best protein-rich nuts. Which is advised by all nutritionists to be included in the diet if it is aimed at losing weight, But you should pay close attention to the type you are going to buy from. and the quantity that you will consume.

In the following, we will answer you a question about natural and wonderful almonds, how many calories, In addition, we will also learn about all the nutritional details related to this product. How can it be consumed in different diets? Especially diets aimed at losing weight.


The nutritional ingredients in Natural Almond are wonderful

  • 100% natural almond


Wonderful natural almonds, how many calories

As for the answer to the question of natural, wonderful almonds, how many calories, In an amount consisting of 100 g, the calories in these almonds are approximately 567.4 calories.

Macros calories are distributed within that amount between a total fat of 49.4 gm, and total carbohydrates of 9.5 g, There is 21.2g of protein.

This serving also contains 3.7g of saturated fat. There are total sugars of 3.9 g, The product does not contain any amount of salt.


Notes on Wonderful Natural Almonds

  • allergy information, The product contains almonds, It may also contain traces of other nuts. Therefore, anyone who is allergic to these food ingredients should avoid consuming this product.
  • The product is packed in a protective atmosphere.
  • Wonderful almonds should be kept in a cool place. And dry away from sunlight.
  • Product packaged in Germany.
  • The product is not suitable for consumption by children under one year of age
  • be careful, Because the product may cause choking in children.


From the nutritional details mentioned above, we will find that these wonderful almonds can be eaten as a healthy snack. and delicious between the main meals, It is true that it contains a high percentage of fat. But it also contains a large amount of proteins that help to feel full and full, Therefore, if you eat a moderate portion of grams of it, you can benefit from a good amount of proteins that help you get full until the next meal. That is why it must be included in your diet, provided that you do not overdo it.


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