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What is the natural hazelnut flavor and what are the health benefits of hazelnuts?



Hazelnuts are mostly grown in Türkiye, Italy, Spain and the United States. It has a sweet flavor and can be eaten raw, roasted, or ground into a paste.

Hazelnuts are rich in nutrients and contain a high percentage of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

This type of nuts is produced by two Eurasian trees, European filbert (Corylus avelana) and the giant hazelnut, or giant filbert (C. maxima).

Nutrients in hazelnuts

hazelnut contains; vitamin e, healthy fats, protein, Dietary fiber.

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Hazelnut calories

If you add a splash of hazelnuts to your diet, The number of calories has increased dramatically.

Just one tablespoon of hazelnuts contains 35 calories.

A handful of hazelnuts comes in at 240 calories with 50 calories from fat.

Hazelnuts contain many important nutrients. Although it is high in calories, However, they are loaded with nutrients and healthy fats.

One ounce (28 grams or about 20 whole hazelnuts) contains:

  • Calories: 176
  • Total fat: 17 grams
  • Protein: 4.2 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 4.7 gr
  • Fiber: 2.7 gr
  • Vitamin E: 21% of the recommended amount
  • Thiamine: 12% of the recommended amount
  • magnesium: 12% of the recommended amount
  • Copper: 24% of the recommended amount
  • manganese: 87% of the recommended amount

Hazelnuts also contain decent amounts of vitamin B6 . folate, phosphorous, potassium and zinc.

In addition They are a rich source of monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats and contain a good amount of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids.

Moreover, A one-ounce serving provides 11.2 grams of dietary fiber, Which is about 11% of the recommended amount.

However, Hazelnuts contain phytic acid. which has been shown to impair the absorption of some minerals, such as iron and zinc, of nuts.


How to add hazelnuts to your diet

People often eat hazelnuts as a snack or add them to salads. But ground hazelnuts can be incorporated into various recipes.

Hazelnuts can also be incorporated into the diet as a healthy snack or as an ingredient in many dishes.

You can buy and eat them raw, or toaster, or complete, or sliced ​​or ground.

Interestingly, people seem to prefer whole sliced ​​hazelnuts rather than ground ones.

While the highest concentration of antioxidants is found in the skin, Some recipes will require you to remove the skin.

This can be done by roasting the kernels in the oven for 10 minutes. Which makes the skin easy to peel off.

Moreover, Hazelnuts can also be coated with chocolate or spices. Like cinnamon or cake.

It also makes a great complement to cakes. And topping for ice cream and other desserts.


The health benefits of hazelnuts

Hazelnuts make a delicious snack and make a great addition to many dishes. When a person includes them in a well-balanced, calorie-controlled diet.

Here are a number of health benefits of hazelnuts:


Support healthy bowel movements

Hazelnuts are a good source of dietary fibre. Eating plenty of fiber encourages regular bowel movements and helps prevent constipation.

The US Dietary Guidelines recommend that women ages 31 to 50 eat 25.2 grams of dietary fiber per day.

Men in the same age group should eat 30.8 grams of fiber per day.

Note that 28 grams of hazelnuts contain about 2.7 grams of dietary fiber.


Weight loss

According to recent research , eating nuts may help some people lose weight.

A 2018 study found a link between nut consumption and lower weight loss and an increased risk of obesity.

In the study, Participants who ate more nuts were less likely to gain weight than those who did not.

While research shows a correlation, Additional studies should assess whether there is a causal relationship between eating nuts and a reduced risk of weight gain.

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Protection against cell damage

Hazelnuts are rich in antioxidants. They are compounds that protect against cell oxidation. It reduces the extent of cell damage from free radicals.

Hazelnuts contain vitamin E, an antioxidant. Some research suggests that vitamin E may help protect the body against the types of cell damage associated with cancer.


Reduce cholesterol

Eating hazelnuts may help reduce cholesterol .

A 2013 study found that a diet rich in hazelnuts lowered participants’ levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

This type of cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease.

The researchers concluded that the best way to reap the health benefits of hazelnuts is to eat them every day. without increasing the person’s total calorie intake.

The results of a 2016 review indicated that hazelnuts can reduce LDL cholesterol levels.

The researchers also noted that there was no increase in the participants’ body weight. It may ease some concerns that eating the calorie-dense nuts.


Improve insulin sensitivity

Eating a mixture of hazelnuts that includes hazelnuts may help improve insulin sensitivity.

A small 2011 trial found that eating a combination of nuts.

A 30-gram serving contains 7.5 grams of hazelnuts per day. It improved the participants’ insulin sensitivity over the course of 12 weeks.

Decreased insulin sensitivity plays a role in the development of type 2 diabetes. Improving this sensitivity reduces the risk of the condition.

Support heart health

Hazelnuts may help promote heart health.

A 2013 study found that consuming a diet rich in hazelnuts may improve biomarkers of cardiovascular disease risk.

Reducing inflammation

Eating hazelnuts may help relieve inflammation.

A 2013 study found that eating a diet rich in hazelnuts reduced markers of inflammation among participants.

However, Another study found that the change in inflammatory markers after eating hazelnuts was not significant. Conclusively determining the effect of hazelnuts on inflammation requires further research.

Improve sperm count

Recent research indicates that consuming more nuts, including hazelnuts, May increase sperm count and improve sperm quality.


Hazelnut flavor

natural hazelnut flavour, It is a powder with a strong smell and taste. It is used in multiple industries such as juices and soft drinks. ice cream, pastries, and others.

And that flavor is extracted through the natural hazelnut fruits, where it is heated, and processed in order to obtain the natural aroma and taste of hazelnuts.

Hazelnut flavor is one of the most popular flavors used in bakeries because of the sweet taste it provides to baked goods.

This flavor is also very popular; Because it works well with vanilla extract and other common baking flavors.

It can also be used for desserts, juices, coffee and so on.

The nutty flavor does not retain its natural properties after the processing process. Where you lose many and even most of the health benefits of the plant.


Risks and considerations

Many people have a nut allergy. Including an allergy to nuts . When cooking for others, always check before adding nuts to a dish.

To enjoy the health benefits of hazelnuts, A person should be aware of the total number of calories they consume each day.

when adding anything to a diet, It can be easy to consume too many calories . This may lead to weight gain.

Some people are allergic to hazelnuts and have had serious allergic reactions including life-threatening breathing problems (anaphylaxis).

Hazelnuts have also been linked with outbreaks of poisoning from contaminated yogurt.



What is the difference between natural hazelnut flavor and artificial hazelnut flavor?
What is the difference between natural hazelnut flavor and artificial hazelnut flavor?

The right dose for eating hazelnuts

The appropriate dose depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions.

At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for this type of nut.

Keep in mind that natural products are not always safe and dosages can be important.


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