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What are the ingredients of caramel waffle Gandour food


What are the ingredients of caramel waffle food Gandour? Caramel waffle contains several food ingredients, including wheat flour, sugar, glucose syrup, and many other ingredients.

But what we care about is that it contains vegetable palm ghee and not palm oil. That is, it contains hydrogenated oil ( Learn more about hydrogenated oils )

You can see a guide to foods that contain hydrogenated oils

In the next report, we will learn in more detail about the nutritional ingredients of Ghandour Caramel Waffle, as well as its calories.

Calories in caramel waffle Gandour

The calories in Gandour Caramel Waffle are 162.15 calories, mostly from carbohydrates, at a rate of 59%, in one waffle. There is no doubt that with this high percentage of carbohydrates, it is not appropriate to include it in your diet if you follow a low-carb diet. as low carb, Or restrict carbohydrates, such as the keto diet.

The calories inside it are distributed between carbohydrates of 24.18 gm, and protein 2.108 g, and fat 6.28 g, There is also saturated fat with an amount of 3.75 g. and sodium 87.73 mg, and sugar 10.54 g.

Gandour caramel waffle

Sweet and crunchy caramel waffle

Caramel Waffle Ingredients:

  • Wheat flour
  • sugar
  • Glucose syrup
  • Vegetable ghee from palm oil
  • E420 Sorbitol is a humectant (Warning when consuming more than 40g of sorbitol per day may cause diarrhea)
  • E422 Moisturizers
  • Whole Egg Powder
  • Milk solids
  • Malt extract
  • salt
  • Soy Lecithin E322
  • E471 Emulsified oil of vegetable origin (palm oil)
  • E476 (extracted from castor oil)
  • E500 Crane Material
  • vanillin (artificial vanilla flavor)
  • Natural and nature-identical butter flavor
  • Natural and nature-identical cinnamon flavor
  1. Unknown

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