What are the benefits of chlorophyll that no one will tell you about


Recently, the word chlorophyll and chlorophyll water spread on a social networking site, and videos of people putting a green substance on the water that changes the color of the water from transparent to green, and then they drink it to increase the health of their skin and help their health. Stimulating their immune system , but what is this chlorophyll, what are its benefits and harms, and how can I get it? All of this we will know now in this article:


What is chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in plants and you can include it in your diet naturally by increasing your intake of green vegetables such as: Spinach, lettuce, and cucumber, or take it in capsules or liquid with water, and chlorophyll is considered a supplement to improve health, increase energy, and combat diseases. Learn more about the benefits and harms of chlorophyll ⇓:

What are the benefits of chlorophyll?

You must have heard before about some of the benefits of chlorophyll for health and skin, but unfortunately a lot of the information published on social media is wrong. Here are the real benefits of chlorophyll:

    • Promote blood cell production and help the body detoxify: Chlorophyll helps build and renew red blood cells and expel toxic substances from the body due to its antioxidants.
    • Boosting immunity: It helps to strengthen the immune system due to the inability of anaerobic bacteria to live in the alkaline environment provided by chlorophyll when used.
    • Get rid of bad breath and sweat: One of the great properties is that it gets rid of bad odors that come out of the body and it can be used as a mouthwash or drink it.
    • Reducing inflammation: One of the benefits of chlorophyll is that it reduces inflammation in the body, especially arthritis.
    • Improving the health of the digestive system and intestines: It improves the digestive system By stimulating bowel movement and cleansing the colon, it helps to get rid of constipation, and this is one of the most important benefits of chlorophyll .
    • Calming the nerves: Chlorophyll users say it helps them reduce symptoms of insomnia and fatigue and makes them calmer
    • Promoting weight loss: Chlorophyll helps suppress appetite and a sense of satiety by slowing down the digestion process, which helps in the process of losing weight.
    • Skin Clearing: Applying chlorophyll topically to the face or drinking it helps reduce acne

Chlorophyll damage

Most of the damage to chlorophyll comes from taking an overdose or the body is allergic to this substance:

  • May cause digestive problems
  • One of the harms of chlorophyll is that it causes diarrhea
  • Itching or burning sensation when applied to the skin is one of the harmful effects of chlorophyll
  • It may increase the sensitivity of the body against the sun and cause burns or rashes in the areas to which it was applied
  • A change in the color of the tongue or droppings is also from chlorophyll damage

forms of chlorophyll supplement

This supplement comes in several different forms. You can choose to use the form that best suits you:

  • Chlorophyll in the form of tablets
  • Chlorophyll ointment
  • Chlorophyll spray
  • liquid chlorophyll
  • Naturally, such as: green beans, spinach, watercress, or peas

Chlorophyll is considered safe to use when taking the appropriate dose, and the dose that is supposed to be consumed within one day is from 100 to 300 milligrams per day, but it is preferable to consult a doctor before taking it and asking him about the appropriate amount for you.

How to use chlorophyll supplements in its various forms

Certainly, before taking any of these forms, you should consult your doctor and learn about all the side effects, then decide if it is suitable for you or not:

  • How to use it in pill form: ‏If you are taking 100 mg pills, take one to three pills per day, in some form
  • How to use it in liquid form: Take a teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll at an amount of 5 ml per day, and mix it well with water
  • How to use it in a creamy way: The cream is applied to the face and décolleté, making sure to wash the face well before use, and it can be applied in the morning or evening.
  • How to use it in the form of a spray or mouthwash: For a chlorophyll spray, it is used twice a day or as needed on the mouth. As for a mouthwash, it is used in the morning after brushing the teeth.
Know that this green drink or these drugs are not a magic solution to remove toxins, boost immunity, improve skin, and calm nerves. It is only a catalyst for this. Even when using chlorophyll, you should take care of your body, do sports, eat healthy food, apply moisturizing creams, and take nutritional supplements to get the best results. for better health.
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