Calories in Milk and dairy products

Village milk how many calories in it


Village Milk is fresh and full-fat natural milk that does not contain any additives of water or milk powder. It comes directly from the farm to the consumer.


Calories in village milk

The calories in Village Milk are 131.9 calories, most of which come from 47% fat, then carbohydrates 32%, and finally protein 21%.

This milk is characterized by the fact that it contains calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, and also B vitamins.


Benefits of village milk

  • It covers the average individual’s need for vitamin B1 6%, And from Vitamin B2 at 20% per day
  • Village milk covers the individual’s natural need for vitamin D by 15% per day
  • Covers the average individual’s calcium requirement 25%, And for the woman 23% per day
  • Covers the average individual’s vitamin A requirement 11%, And for the woman 13.8% and for the breastfeeding mother 8.1% per day

Village milk was produced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Jeddah.

contact numbers: 0122714400 – 0122713660


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