Tono without sugar, how many calories

Do not be tempted by the marketing phrase on the Tono No Sugar package that it is free from added sugar. Because it really does not contain any added sugars !!? Ok, how and why ?!

In fact, this added sugar-free variety contains roughly equal to the amount of sugar in a regular tono that contains added sugar!

What is the difference between regular Tono and Tono without added sugar?

  • Tono Original Contains artificial colors that may adversely affect children’s activity. Addition to the natural flavor of berries plus added sugar in an amount of 33 grams per serving.
  • Tono is without added sugar It does not contain colors because by its nature it contains 100% of the concentrate of grapes, berries and black carrots in addition to water, a natural flavor and a preservative, and it is better than regular tono, However, it contains 32g of sugar and this is due to the concentrate of grapes, berries and black carrots, which naturally contain sugar.

Tono without sugar, how many calories?

Tono without added sugar contains 128 calories in every 50ml of syrup. All these calories are from sugars from the juice concentrate. To learn more about the nutritional values, we leave you with the following nutritional card.

Tono syrup ingredients without added sugar

  • Water
  • Grape, raspberry and black carrot concentrate (100% concentrated)
  • Black and red berry flavor identical to nature
  • E 211 Sodium Benzoate (preservative)

way of work Tono juice

  1. Bring 200 ml of cold water 
  2. Pour approximately 50ml of Tono juice concentrate and stir (it doesn’t need to add sugar) 
  3. Now ready to drink and happy and wellness

Tono juice is made under a permit from London Tono Products Limited, United Kingdom and Bottled by Arrow Factory Company for Juice Industry and Bottling Ltd.

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