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The sweetness of the bean pop lollipop with sour cherry, how many calories


Ben Pop Lollipop sweetness with sour cherry is a candy made from sugar and corn syrup and contains acids and emulsifiers in addition to artificial cherry flavor and artificial colors .

The calories in the sweetness of the Ben Pop lollipop with sour cherry are 68 calories, all from carbohydrates and sugars!!

Before giving it to your children, you must think 100 times!!

For more nutritional information, see the food label below, with notes


Sour cherry flavored bean pop candy ingredients

  • sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • gum base
  • Citric acid E330 (acidity regulator)
  • Soy Lecithin E322
  • E422 glycerin (humectant)
  • Artificial cherry flavor
  • Red Synthetic Color E129 (Red No. 40)
  • Synthetic color blue E133 (color blue 1)

Notes on the sweetness of Ben Bob’s sour cherry lollipop

  1. Manufactured in a facility that uses tartrazine, milk, Soy and sulfites
  2. Store in a cool, dry place
  3. Made in Colombia

Notes on the sweetness of the bean bob lollipop with sour cherry:

  1. It does not contain any nutritional benefits.
  2. Full of sugars, artificial flavors and colours.
  3. May have a negative effect on the activity and concentration of children.
  4. Not suitable for children as it contains fast absorbing sugars.

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