The reason for weight gain during vacations and ways to maintain weight while traveling


Many of us, during holidays and traveling with family or friends, gain weight and return with a kilo or two more than their previous weight, regardless of the length of the trip, whether long or short. Well, what is the reason behind this increase, and how can I avoid gaining weight ?

Why do I gain weight during the holidays?

The main reason for weight gain is eating more calories than the body burns. When we are with people we love, we always try to create the best moments and enjoy in every possible way, which pushes us to eat a lot without feeling the amount of food we have consumed. For this, here are the most important reasons for weight gain with travel and vacations:

  • Eat snacks all the time

Eating snacks, whether chocolate or popcorn, increases the calories consumed during the day and manipulates the blood sugar level, which will cause you to feel hungry all the time, and this is the reason for weight gain while traveling.

  • Eat big meals

The presence of distractions and distractions when eating, such as talking, laughing, or watching TV, makes a person eat a large amount of food more than usual without realizing the amount of food that he consumed.

  • Disorganized sleep schedule

Sleep helps to suppress the hunger hormone, regulate metabolism in the body and burn calories. This is why when we do not sleep well during travel or vacation, we gain weight faster. This is one of the main reasons why you gain weight during the holidays.

  • Eat sweets and ice cream

When going to another country, we want to try all their famous foods and sweets, but this may cause weight gain if you do not limit it and pay attention to your food portions. Learn about the calories in ice cream

  • stop exercising

Sometimes when traveling, there is not enough time for sports, which causes a lack of body burning and fat accumulation. Therefore, the best solution to this problem is to walk more and try to exercise, even if it is for a short time or at a low intensity.

We often spend most of our trip or vacation meals fast or ready-made meals full of fat and few nutrients, which increases the chance of weight gain.

Tips and ways to maintain weight while traveling


  • Be more active

In order to maintain your weight while traveling, move more on your trip and try to go to most places on foot, and try new activities with the people who are with you, such as:

  • Hiking in the mountains
  • tennis
  • skiing
  • swimming


  • Selection of snacks selectively

Choosing snacks by selecting and setting special times for snacks instead of eating snacks all the time helps to reduce the level of calories consumed during the day. Examples of appropriate healthy snacks include:

  • Vegetables and fruits with dips
  • nuts
  • dried fruits
  • sparkling water


  • Monitor portion sizes

Watching plate sizes and eating without distractions helps not to overeat. Choosing smaller plates, eating slowly, and drinking water before a meal can help you not to overeat and control your portion size.

  • Sleeping well

Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep during the holidays is one of the most important reasons for weight gain, because lack of sleep increases the hunger hormone and reduces body burning. Therefore, it is important to make sure that we sleep for enough time, approximately seven to eight hours a day, during the holidays.

Holiday meals are often rich in carbohydrates and low in protein and fiber, but this is not healthy, as the meal is supposed to include protein, carbohydrates and all fats, especially protein, because it increases the level of satiety and increases body burning.

Learn about keto meals [ /highlight]

Unfortunately, holiday foods are often low in fiber, which in turn increases satiety during the day, preventing weight gain and overeating.

  • Avoid liquid calories

Soft drinks and juices are often full of calories and sugar, which increases the calories consumed during the day and an increase in appetite, which often leads to overeating. This is why it is better to avoid them while traveling or even in our normal daily lives.

  • Share your meal

Sharing your main meal or snack with another person may help reduce your chance of gaining weight.

  • Drinking water

Drinking water and staying hydrated during the day helps reduce appetite, fill stomach space, especially before meals, and increase body burn.


In the end, when you go to travel or you are on vacation, enjoy your time, create the best moments and eat the most delicious dishes, and there is nothing wrong with gaining some weight, you will be able to lose it later, but always put your health first and try to search for the most healthy options and try to eat in the 70/30 way, and this method means Most of your food during the day, 70% healthy and 30% unhealthy, should be what you desire.


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