The importance of drinking water for the body and its role in the freshness of the skin


Many people neglect to drink water and do not know the truth about the importance of drinking water for the body and how it contributes to its renewal and preservation. Today we will review the most important benefits of water in the body.

The importance of drinking water to maintain body temperature

Our body contains a precise system to keep its temperature within normal levels 36.5-37. The magic genie for this process is water, as water moisturizes our bodies when the temperature rises through the process of sweating. And when there is not enough water to carry out this process, our body temperature rises and it goes into a state of dehydration!

The importance of drinking water to maintain the functions of digestion

Some people may think that the function of saliva is only to moisten the mouth. However, saliva contains substances and enzymes that help in the breakdown of food and the start of the digestion process. And since water is the main component of saliva, you should definitely drink more water!

As it is also known, the stomach contains acids that digest food and break it down into simpler parts, and to carry out this process effectively, the stomach needs water to do so.

Necessary for the balance of mineral salts in the body

Our body contains many mineral salts to maintain its health and the most important of these salts are sodium and potassium, Our body regulates the presence of these salts with the help of water, as it excretes them with urine when the body needs them more to prevent any damage.

The importance of drinking water to get oxygen

Red blood cells transport oxygen and deliver it to the rest of the body. But in order for the red blood cells to move freely, they need an appropriate amount of blood, and of course this can only be secured by drinking water, as water is the main component of blood by 60%.

The importance of drinking water in preventing diseases

Water prevents many diseases, such as high blood pressure, as it reduces the amount of sodium in the blood and excretes it with urine. Not only that, Water also contributes to cleaning the urinary system from deposits of mineral salts that are deposited in the kidneys, urinary tubes, and bladder, thus protecting us from urinary tract infections and kidney stones. It plays a similar role for the digestive system and facilitates the process of excreting stools, thus preventing constipation and subsequent diseases such as hemorrhoids.

The importance of drinking water for the skin

We all want to have healthy and fresh skin. We may resort to many expensive solutions to achieve this desire. But we always forget that the solution may lie in drinking a glass of water. But water not only adds freshness to your skin, but also performs greater functions. It is known that the skin and mucous membranes are the first line of defense for the body. Being dehydrated is a disruption of these defense mechanisms and to prevent this from happening always remember to drink more water!

Water protects from dehydration

It may have become clear that water is necessary for the functioning of all systems in the body, but who among us knows what happens to our bodies in cases of dehydration? Dehydration usually begins with a feeling of thirst and a dry throat. The amount of urine decreases and becomes visibly dark in color. The ability to urinate may not be possible. A person exposed to dehydration may experience loss of consciousness and confusion. In more severe cases, dehydration can raise your temperature, cause seizures, hypovolemic shock, or renal complications.

And after we mentioned the most important benefits of water, Some may ask, what is the amount of water that should be taken?

Although some believe that the answer is two liters of water every day, But it’s not that simple. Where each person’s need for water differs according to age, Sex and Physical Efficacy According to research, men should drink approximately three liters of water every day. While women should eat about two liters per day to maintain a healthy body.

Some may find it difficult to drink this amount of water every day, but it is important that you seriously start drinking water. First try to keep a water bottle near you, You can also use some flavorings for the water, such as lemon or cucumber, to help you accept it and drink a larger amount. In order not to forget to drink water again, you can try some mobile applications that remind you to drink water.

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