The calories in Nescafé Original Mix 3 in 1

Below we present the calories in Nescafe Original Mix 3 in 1, because Nescafe of all kinds is one of the most important stimulants that many rely on periodically, They choose it as an alternative to coffee. Or tea in the morning, They also take it in the middle of the day to recharge their batteries. And no matter what time you take it, it will undoubtedly restore your focus, energy, and vitality. That is why it is always advised to avoid it in the evening to enjoy a peaceful sleep, And of course it contains nescafe, like food, even, And if it wasn’t a calorie food, Here is a breakdown of it. And the components that make it up.


The calories in Nescafé Original Mix 3 in 1

One unit of Nescafe Original Mix, which consists of 1 sachet + 125 ml of water, contains energy of about 80 calories. Fat is about 2.55 g, Plus protein of about 0.41 grams, The total carbohydrates per unit is 13.79 grams.

Nescafe Original Mix 3 in 1 ingredients

Nescafe Original Mix 3 * 1 consists of the following:

  • sugar
  • Coffee creamer coffee mate
  • Tapioca syrup
  • Hydrogenated palm seed oil
  • Sodium caseinate (milk proteins) stabilizers and emulsifiers
  • Coffee (coffee)
  • Nescafe
The product is made in Egypt by Nestle Egypt S.A.E. M . It is one of the stimuli that is recommended to be taken within reasonable limits, But if you are on a diet, It is best to avoid consuming it and rely on plain coffee with skim milk as a lighter alternative to health.

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