The best foods and habits for healthy nails


Healthy nails Who among us does not want to have strong, long nails with an attractive appearance, especially if you are female, as this is considered a matter of interest to you Bigger, but unfortunately, many of our daily habits and the quality of our foods that we eat prevent us from getting strong and shiny nails, so we will introduce some foods, supplements and healthy habits that make them grow faster and stronger:


It consists of three layers of keratin tissue, which is a protein found in hair and nails and affects their shape and strength. Nails lengthen every month by 3.3-3.5 mm and continue to grow throughout life until the person dies. Although women care more about their nails, their appearance and length, men’s nails grow faster than women.

Types of nails and what they say about your health

The shape and strength of nails is related to the health of your body and the quality of your nutrition, but not always. Your nails may not be in a good condition because of your unhealthy habits with them, not because of the quality of your food. It is important to know the types of your nails and the reason for their change in order to be able to treat them. Among the types and forms that indicate that you are in an unhealthy condition or that you do not take sufficient care of them:

  1. The weak type : which are the nails with a rough texture and cracked shape, and they may sometimes be soft, but they break easily. This type of nails is more common in women and is often caused by one of these reasons.
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • lack of calcium
  • Iron deficiency
  • Expose your hands to moisture and chemicals a lot
  • hard work

2. with scales: A flaky nail and a pale color means that you are putting pressure on your nails and working a lot, or that you are suffering from one of these factors.

3. Yellow: In fact , this type is common and is often caused by:

  • Use a yellow product, such as dye or turmeric
  • Thyroid problem
  • a lung problem
  • infection

If it is an infection, you can use tea tree oil or vitamin E to help get rid of it, or consult a specialist.

4. Black or brown: The color of the nail changes to brown or black

  • Shock like closing a door

This color goes away with time.

5. White spots: White dots on the surface of the nail

  • on zinc deficiency
  • or injury
  • or a fungal infection.

Ways to maintain healthy and strong nails

Our nails often reflect our level of hygiene and general health, so we have to take good care of them. The most important ways to take care of them are:

  • Keeping it clean and dry
  • Cut it and file its edges periodically to make it stronger
  • Do not bite or remove excess skin
  • Do not use it to open cans or anything else
  • Wear suitable shoes so as not to get hurt
  • Wear slippers most of the time to avoid fungus and germs
  • Moisturize it regularly with special nail moisturizers

The best foods for healthy and strong nails

If you suffer from dry or weak nails, it may be a sign of a deficiency in one of the important elements, so adding these foods to your diet may help to strengthen them:

  • Protein , which is one of its most important components, such as:

– Lean meat

– fish

– chicken

– eggs

  • Fruits because they contain many important vitamins and antioxidants, such as :

– berries

– the strawberry

– the banana

– grapes

– apricot

  • Colorful vegetables and leafy vegetables help make them stronger due to the availability of iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamin C, collagen and vitamin A, such as :

– turnip

– spinach

– broccoli

– cabbage

– sweet potato

– carrots

– sweet spicy

  • Nuts and seeds because they contain healthy fats , magnesium, vitamin B6 and zinc, such as:

– Almonds

– sunflower seeds


  • Milk because it contains calcium and vitamin D, such as:

Ordinary cow’s milk

  • Legumes because they contain protein and biotin, such as:

– Lentils

– beans

  • Whole grains because of the silicone and the two policies in it, such as:

White bread

– Flour

Brown rice

– Oatmeal

The best nutritional supplement for nails

Sometimes it is difficult to get a large amount of vitamins and minerals from food only, so we need to take supplements, and the best types of nail supplements are:

  • Biotin or what is called vitamin B7 , which helps to strengthen it
  • Other B vitamins such as B12 and B9 help to strengthen them and increase iron absorption
  • Iron helps prevent bumps or bumps
  • Magnesium helps to strengthen them and prevent flaking
  • Protein supplement helps to strengthen and increase the speed of growth
  • Omega 3 helps prevent dryness and reduce inflammation
  • Vitamin C helps to strengthen and increase its freshness
  • Zinc helps to speed up their growth

In conclusion It is true that long nails give a beautiful shape, but if you do not take care of them enough and clean them well, they may lead to the gathering of fungi and bacteria in them that cause you some diseases, for example, gastroenteritis, poisoning, bacterial diseases and other types of diseases that may be dangerous, and for this reason We must make sure that our nails and hands are clean, sterilized and moisturized periodically c.

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