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Tamrya Ghandour, how many calories?


Tamriya Ghandour is a premium date biscuit consisting of dates, wheat flour, vegetable palm oil, milk solids with glucose syrup, in addition to some other ingredients.

This date is considered one of the oldest types of dates, and it is the most famous. And she has memories with the adults, where she lived with them in their childhood, It is a delicious snack.


Calories in Tamriya Ghandour

The calories in Tamriya Ghandour are 46.3 calories per piece of biscuit, Carbohydrates have the highest amount of calories, with a volume of 9 gm. It was followed by fats with an amount of 0.85 gm, then protein 0.45, which is the lowest.

The package contains 6 pieces of Tamreya biscuits, with a total calories of 277.8 calories.

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