Tamria Ghandour calories

Tamria Ghandour is a premium date biscuit consisting of dates, wheat flour, vegetable palm oil, milk solids with glucose syrup in addition to some other materials.

The calories of Ghandour Tamria are 46.3 calories per piece of biscuit. Carbohydrates make up the highest percentage of calories at 78.9%. It is followed by fats at 16.5%, then protein, at 3.9%, which is the lowest.

And we will learn about the nutritional values in biscuit, Tamr Ghandour, through the following nutritional card, which contains more information.


The ingredients of the Tamria Ghandour

  • Pass
  • Wheat flour
  • sugar
  • II-ii420 Sorbitol is a humectant
  • Palm oil (vegetable oil)
  • Milk solids
  • Glucose syrup
  • salt
  • II i322 (emulsifier from soy)
  • E472E vegetable oil emulsifier (emulsifier from soy)
  • E500 ii sodium bicarbonate (lever)
  • E 202 preservatives
  • E330 acidity regulator
  • Natural flavor (spices)


Notes on date biscuit Ghandour

  1. Excessing the amount of sorbitol to more than 40 g per day may cause mild diarrhea
  2. Contains milk, flour and soy
  3. The mentioned nutritional values are for one piece of Ghandour date biscuit
  4. Keep in a cool, dry place

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