More protein

Calories in Meat and Fish

Super lamb shish kebab calories

super shish kebab calories, It is one of the most delicious types of kebab. and light on the stomach, which have been fully prepared in advance, frozen, In the end,…

Calories in Freezers

National chicken schnitzel calories

national chicken schnitzel calories, It is a well seasoned chicken meal. breaded, Which can be prepared quickly within a few minutes without the need to bring any other food ingredients…

Calories in fast food

Dari chicken tikka masala calories

dari chicken tikka masala calories, It is a quick frozen chicken tikka masala meal. It can save you a lot of time. And the effort it takes to prepare the…

Calories in fast food

Calories in am hungary

calories in am hungary, I’M HUNGRY restaurant, which means “hungry” in Arabic. One of the distinctive burger restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The restaurant started with a simple…

Calories in Milk and dairy products

Nujoom strawberry flavored milk calories from Almarai

Calories in Nijoom strawberry flavored milk from Almarai, It is a type of milk fortified with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. as well as carbohydrates, And other useful nutrients for the…

Calories in Milk and dairy products

Calories in Almarai Banana Milk

Calories in Almarai Banana Milk, It is one of the ready-made drinks that you can easily find in any local supermarket. And you can take it with you anywhere, eat…

Other cereals

Calories in luna white beans

calories in luna white beans, It is a type of white grain that can be used in more than one way. can be placed with the authorities, or cooked with…

Calories in Milk and dairy products

Calories in Almarai Vanilla Milk

Calories in Almarai Vanilla Milk, It is one of the special drinks that can be a more than wonderful companion for each of the adults, And the little ones together…

Calories in Cake & Bakery

Samoli calories, sesame, wood ovens

The calories of samoli, sesame, wood ovens, It is a jumbo roll sandwich that can be used to prepare many sandwiches with different fillings. And multiple as desired. It should…

Calories in Egyptian food

Egyptian mashed beans calories

Egyptian mashed beans calories, Egyptian beans are one of the most famous Egyptian foods that we always find on the Egyptian breakfast table. It is a meal rich in fiber,…

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