Instant Preparation

Other cereals

Calories in cheese risotto

We will learn about the calories in risotto with cheese, what are the ingredients of the risotto, and how to prepare it. Where it is sold ready-made from the Primo…

Other cereals

Primo truffle risotto calories

The risotto dish is one of the famous Italian dishes, as it consists mainly of Carnaroli rice, It is one of the dishes similar to the Saudi saleiq dish, with…

Calories in Meat and Fish

Super lamb shish kebab calories

super shish kebab calories, It is one of the most delicious types of kebab. and light on the stomach, which have been fully prepared in advance, frozen, In the end,…

Calories in Freezers

National chicken schnitzel calories

national chicken schnitzel calories, It is a well seasoned chicken meal. breaded, Which can be prepared quickly within a few minutes without the need to bring any other food ingredients…

Calories in fast food

Dari chicken tikka masala calories

dari chicken tikka masala calories, It is a quick frozen chicken tikka masala meal. It can save you a lot of time. And the effort it takes to prepare the…

Other cereals

Goody baked beans in tomato sauce

Goody Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, It is cooked beans, mixed with tomato sauce, which are quick to prepare to save time and effort, So it’s perfect to rely on…

Calories in Egyptian food

Egyptian mashed beans calories

Egyptian mashed beans calories, Egyptian beans are one of the most famous Egyptian foods that we always find on the Egyptian breakfast table. It is a meal rich in fiber,…


Tora Bica cappuccino calories without added sugar

Tora Bica Cappuccino Calories No Added Sugar, It is an instant coffee mixture rich in cream. And chocolate granules are prepared with hot water, And eat it warm. In the…

Other cereals

Natureland Oatmeal Cocoa Granola Calories

Natureland Oatmeal Cocoa Granola Calories, It is a breakfast cereal made from wholegrain oats. It is mixed with a group of other food ingredients, the most important of which is…

Calories in Saudi food

Mandy Maggi meal calories

Mandy Maggi meal calories, If you are a mandi lover, But you find it difficult to prepare it because of the large number of ingredients that take a lot of…

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