Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Calories in a hot, spicy fish fry

Calories in Fash Fash Hot Nar, It is a corn crackers flavored with a spicy flavor, fried in oil, Which can be found in any local supermarket in the Kingdom.…

Calories in Meat and Fish

Goody tuna calories with chili

Goody Tuna Calories with Chili, There is no doubt that tuna is one of the healthiest foods that you find a wonderful ally in many diets that aim to lose…

Calories in Sauces & Sauces

Mf hot dynamite sauce calories

MF Hot Dynamite Sauce Calories, It is a hot dynamite sauce. It is delicious and can be used to add flavor. And a wonderful flavor for various foods, as desired.…

Calories in Sauces & Sauces

Calories in heinz peri peri mayonnaise

Calories in Heinz Peri-Peri Mayonnaise It is a wonderful creamy sauce that can be used in salads, sandwiches, french fries, grilled chicken and other miscellaneous foods, And the different. This…

Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Bugles sweet pepper calories

Bugles Sweet Chili Calories, They are crackers made from cornmeal. wheat flour, And some other food flavorings that add pimento flavor to these delicious crackers. In this report that we…

Calories in Sauces & Sauces

Calories in Rana Hot Sauce

Calories in Rana Hot Sauce, It is one of the hot sauces that is the favorite love of many. they always like to combine it with their food, Mostly, chili…

Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Calories in Farfasha fries with chili and lemon

Calories in Farfasha fries with chili and lemon, which is one of the distinctive flavors offered by Dima, and there are many other flavors provided by the same potatoes, You…

Calories in canned food and appetizers

Marami potato, cheddar, jalapeno, how many calories

Marami Cheddar Jalapeno Potatoes are made from potato granules coated with wheat flour and corn flour with potato starch, salt and some other ingredients. Marami potatoes are free of cholesterol,…

Calories in Sauces & Sauces

Calories in Delicio hot ketchup

Hot ketchup is the choice of many spicy taste lovers. Where they eat it accompanied by many different foods, Especially prepared foods. Today we chose for you the hot ketchup…

Calories in Sauces & Sauces

Calories in Delicio Tomato Pepper Garlic Ketchup

Ketchup is one of the distinctive sauces that have been relied on for many years. And although we can’t call it an actual food, However, it contains many calories. Therefore,…

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