Foods with calcium

Calories in Nuts

Calories in Rifai Nuts

calories in al rifai nuts, It is a large group of salted, mixed nuts, In addition to some other additions, to give nuts a taste, And a distinctive flavour. In…

Calories in Noodles

Calories in Penne Rigate Pasta by Treva

Calories in Penne Rigate Pasta from Treva, It is penne pasta that can be prepared in more than one way for different recipes, according to desire. Whatever way you prepare…

Calories in Noodles

Saudi Garden Rings pasta calories

Saudi Garden Rings pasta calories, It is one of the most famous types of local pasta that you can find in the Kingdom. There are many different shapes that offer…

Calories in Noodles

Calories in crescent pasta from Saudi Gardens

Calories in crescent pasta from Saudi Gardens, Pasta is one of the most consumed foods around the world. where it can be equated with both rice, and bread in consumption…

Calories in Sauces & Sauces

Calories in Goody mustard sauce

Calories in Goody Mustard Sauce, Sauces of all kinds give taste. and a distinctive flavor to the food to which it is added, But there are many people who do…

Calories in Chocolate & Desserts

Hansel biscuits with chocolate cream

Hansel biscuits with chocolate cream, It is a biscuit made from wheat flour, sugar, and a host of other vegetable fats, And stuffed with delicious chocolate cream, can be consumed…

Calories in Chocolate & Desserts

Calories in Halawa Beef Haful

Calories in Halawa Beef Haful, It is the original cow sweetness with a distinctive flavor that many people love. There are a large number of its consumers inside the Kingdom.…

Calories in Noodles

Calories in Goody Large Shells Pasta

Calories in Goody Large Shells Pasta, It is pasta made from wheat semolina that can be cooked in more than one way according to your desire. It can also be…

Calories in canned food and appetizers

Calories in Freshly Red Beans

Calories in Freshly Red Kidney Beans, There is no doubt that red beans are among the healthiest legumes. They are quite low in calories. It does not contain fat in…

Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Calories in Haldram’s Banana Chips

Calories in Haldrams Banana Chips, which are salty banana chips fried in oil, It can be considered as a more wonderful snack, especially when moving, or even at home between…

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