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Low carb diet 1300 calories

Low-carb diets help you lose weight faster than other diets, have a better effect on blood pressure and sugar levels, and improve LDL cholesterol. That’s why I want to present…


High protein diet 1200 calories for weight loss

For anyone who wants to lose weight, High diet Protein is a good choice, because foods high in protein increase satiety and limit muscle and fat loss during the weight…

Dietary tables for weight loss

Vegetarian food table 1500 calories

If you are a vegetarian and looking for a calorie-calculated vegan diet to lose weight, you have come to the right place It is easy to find a 1500 calorie…


Do you suffer from weight stability problem! Learn about the most important reasons for weight stability

You may notice this problem when you follow a diet to lose weight “diet”. In the first period, your weight will drop quickly and you will be happy, but after…


Low calorie foods and saturated foods

when we follow Weight loss diet We always look for foods that make us feel full for as long as possible and foods that are low in calories. Calories to…


What is the keto diet and does it really make you get rid of obesity?

Weight gain is one of the most important things that may pose a major health threat to the body and increase diseases and the possibility of death. This is why…


Calories in Ramadan ready meals

With the advent of this holy month, the holy month of Ramadan, we ask the Almighty to complete His forgiveness and benevolence upon us by helping us to fast and…

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