Other cereals

Natureland Oatmeal Cocoa Granola Calories

Natureland Oatmeal Cocoa Granola Calories, It is a breakfast cereal made from wholegrain oats. It is mixed with a group of other food ingredients, the most important of which is…

Other cereals

Calories in Chickpeas Black Seeds from Al Fares

Calories in Chickpeas Black Seeds from Al Fares, Black acid is one of the rarest types of chickpeas in the world. It can be found in very few areas, It…

Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Amigo calories salted tortilla chips

amigo salted tortilla chips calories, These are salted tortilla chips that you can enjoy in their regular salted flavor in their original form. Or you can make a special sauce…

Calories in canned food and appetizers

Calories in Goody Baked Beans

Calories in Goody Baked Beans, Beans are one of the distinctive breakfast meals that are present. strongly in the Arab countries, Its preparation differs according to the method used by…

Calories in Egyptian food

Calories in tuna noodle casserole

The calories in tuna noodle casserole are convenient for the whole family. As the number of simple calories, Included in this casserole is suitable for various needs. In general, tuna…


Low calorie foods and saturated foods

when we follow Weight loss diet We always look for foods that make us feel full for as long as possible and foods that are low in calories. Calories to…


The reason for weight gain during vacations and ways to maintain weight while traveling

Many of us, during holidays and traveling with family or friends, gain weight and return with a kilo or two more than their previous weight, regardless of the length of…

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