Calories in Eid sweets

Calories in Chocolate & Desserts

Calories in Halawa Beef Haful

Calories in Halawa Beef Haful, It is the original cow sweetness with a distinctive flavor that many people love. There are a large number of its consumers inside the Kingdom.…

Calories in Chocolate & Desserts

Calories in Watermelon flavored jelly sweetness

Calories in the sweetness of watermelon-flavored jelly, which is one of the delicious desserts that adults love, And the young together are characterized by their soft texture, And with its…

Calories in Chocolate & Desserts

Calories in Bergen lemonade

Lemon Halawa Bergun is a candy made of sugar and glucose and comes in a small round shape and carries with it many memories of childhood and holidays, But today…

Calories in canned food and appetizers

Maamoul Dimah Br how many calories

Deemah maamoul with fine wheat flour is the traditional maamoul with dates, and it differs from Deemah violet biscuits with dates in terms of taste, nutritional components and nutritional values…

Calories in Chocolate & Desserts

Calories in Cadbury Dairy Milk Family Milk Chocolate

Today we are discussing the calories in family milk chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk, which is the original chocolate without any additives, just milk chocolate, and it is one of the…

Calories in canned food and appetizers

Calories in Halwani mini maamoul with premium dates

Halwani Small Dates Maamoul is a maamoul made of wheat flour, butter, sugar and yeast, in addition to non-hydrogenated vegetable palm oil. And don’t forget the dates as the main…

Calories in Chocolate & Desserts

Calories in galaxy chocolate with milk

Galaxy milk chocolate is one of the most famous types of chocolate known in the Arab world. There are many flavors that offer different foods, great choices, Today, however, we…

Calories in Cake & Bakery

Maamoul bar panda how many calories

The number of calories in Maamoul Bar Banda is 80 calories. Most of them are fats and carbohydrates. Where fat makes up 50% of calories. The percentage of carbohydrates is…

Calories in Chocolate & Desserts

The sweetness of the bean pop lollipop with sour cherry, how many calories

Ben Pop Lollipop sweetness with sour cherry is a candy made from sugar and corn syrup and contains acids and emulsifiers in addition to artificial cherry flavor and artificial colors…

Calories in Chocolate & Desserts

Calories in Madah Cow Halawa Original

The sweetness of the cow of maddah is the original caramel sweetness from the maddah that for those who eat it brings us back with nostalgia for the beautiful time…

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