Calories in Champion

Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Albatal cheese balls how many calories

Al Batal Cheese Balls, how many calories are fried crackers, Comes with cheese flavour. In general, crackers of this type are considered one of the most popular pastimes that children…

Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Calories in Al Batal Spicy Potatoes 30 gm

Potato slices with chili flavor

Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Maamoul Al Batal how many calories in it

Al Batal Maamoul contains 86.7 calories per piece of 19 gm. Most of the calories are from carbohydrates, at 52.1%. This type of maamoul also contains artificial vanilla flavor and…

Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Hero Popcorn with Cheese How many calories

Nutritional ingredients and nutritional values of champ popcorn with cheese

Calories in Snacks & Crackers

How many calories are in Champion potatoes flavored with salt and vinegar 23 g

Hero potatoes flavored with salt and vinegar 23 g, There is no doubt that ready-made French fries are the love of many around the world, Although there are many world-famous…

Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Calories in Champion Potato with Salt and Vinegar

Calories in Batal potatoes with salt and vinegar, a type of potato widely known within the Kingdom, It is widely consumed by consumers of all categories. French fries are one…

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