Calories in Freezers

Calories in americana chicken burger

Calories in Americana chicken burger, which is a quick-cooked breaded chicken burger, where it can be taken out of the freezer, and then put it in the oil, And roast…

Calories in Freezers

Calories in Americana kebab with Turkish mixture

The calories in Americana Kebab with Turkish Mix are 131.6 calories per 1 kebab skewer of 60 gm. Most of these calories are from fats with a percentage of 65.7%,…

Calories in Freezers

Calories in chicken tikka americana

Chicken tikka americana made from halal frozen chicken breasts, with tikka spices added: Cumin, coriander powder, chili, ginger, cinnamon, garlic and onion. The calories in chicken tikka Americana are 197…

Calories in Meat and Fish

Americana chicken burger with breadcrumbs jumbo how many calories

The jumbo Americana Breaded Chicken Burger is a burger made from frozen whole chicken breasts, breaded, seasoned with salt, lemon salt and celery. The breadcrumb chicken burger contains 244 calories,…

Calories in canned food and appetizers

Nutritional ingredients in Americana vegetable spring roll

The nutritional ingredients in Americana Spring Roll with Vegetables, which is a dough formed from flour, water, salt, corn oil, Then it was stuffed with vegetables such as (carrots, cabbage,…

Calories in Freezers

Calories in Americana Chicken Escalope

Americana chicken escalopes is one of Americana’s most famous frozen products, made of 100% pure chicken breast covered with breadcrumbs and basic spices. In our topic, we will learn about…

Calories in Freezers

Calories in Cordon Bleu Chicken Americana

Calories in Cordon Bleu Chicken Americana, Chicken Cordon Bleu is a dietary product made from frozen pure chicken breast, stuffed with a slice of roast beef, Swiss cheese, celery, salt…

Calories in Freezers

Calories in Americana Chicken Strips

Calories in Americana chicken strips, It is a type of processed chicken, And prepared in advance only needs you to fry it in oil for a few simple minutes, And…

Calories in Freezers

Steakhouse Americana Fries 100 gm

Steakhouse Americana Fries 100 gm, chopped ready-made potatoes, Fried semi-fried is one of the most famous types of potatoes currently, Where it is consumed a lot, especially as it makes…

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