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Switz samosas prepared dough how many calories in it


Switz samosas, ready-made dough, how many calories are in it? There is no doubt that samosa is one of the charming Ramadan meals. The trip cannot be complete without it. It is one of the most delicious meals that can be eaten. But at the same time, it contains a lot of calories. Especially since it is fried in oil.

That is why, in this topic, we will discuss the most important calories in Sweets Samosa, ready-made dough. We will also learn about the food ingredients prepared from them.

Switz samosas prepared dough how many calories in it

The ready-made Switz Samosa dough contains 41 calories per slice without filling. Carbohydrates constitute 68.3% of the total calories, followed by fats with 22%, and finally protein with 9.8%.

Calories are divided between carbohydrates of 7 gm, 1 g protein, 1g of fat, There is also sodium, at 40 mg.

Notes on Switz Samosa ready-made dough

  1. Although the samosa chips contain 1 gram of fat per sheet, they contain hydrogenated fats.

Switz samosa

Switz Samosa Dough Without Filling (1 Slice)

  • Wheat flour
  • water
  • Vegetable ghee from palm oil
  • salt
  • E282 (Calcium Propionate Preservative)

How to fry Samosa Sweets

  1. Heat the oil to 170° – 185° C and carefully place the samosas in the oil (of course, after you fill the samosas with the filling you like)

  2. Fry Switz Samosa for 4-6 minutes until it gets the desired golden color

Oven baking method

  1. Preheat the oven at 205°C

  2. Place the samosa beads on a baking tray greased with a little oil

  3. Grease the samosa beads with butter or melted obesity

  4. Bake for 15-18 minutes or until the samosas are golden

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How to store Switz Samosa

  1. Do not leave unused samosa sheets exposed to air.
  2. Store unused samosas in bags or in airtight containers for later use.

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Food products that can be stuffed in Sweets Samosa

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