Sunflower oil calories Abu Zahra


Sunflower oil calories Abu Zahra, There is no doubt that sunflower oil is one of the most used oils in the cooking process. Where it can be used in the preparation of food normally, or in browning, and deep frying.

It is true that oil is not taken in its basic, abstract form. But it is added to many foods. Adding to it adds more fat calories to the meal. Therefore, we must carefully monitor the amount of our consumption of it. so that we do not think that the food we eat is healthy, Basically, we forgot to calculate the calories of the oil that was put in the food. Which makes a big difference in the calories of the meal.

Today we will discuss with you what are the calories of Abu Zahra sunflower oil, as well as the most important nutritional components that it consists of in detail, Follow us to learn about the nutritional information of this product.


Nutritional ingredients in sunflower oil Abu Zahra

  • Sunflower oil


Sunflower oil calories Abu Zahra

The calories in Abu Zahra sunflower oil in an amount consisting of 100 grams are about 900 calories, As for the calories of macros, They are distributed as follows, 100g total fat, and carbohydrates of 0 g, and 0 g protein. There are saturated fats ranging from 8 to 17 g.

This one The product does not contain any cholesterol. or sodium.


Notes on sunflower oil Abu Zahra

  • Abu Zahra oil must be kept in a dry place. And cool out of direct sunlight.
  • Abu Zahra Sunflower Oil is 100% pure sunflower oil. It is an oil used to cook food. healthy, light, which makes it ideal for cooking foods, And for bread, too. And prepare different sauces with it.

These were the most important nutritional details related to sunflower oil, Abu Zahra, and from the aforementioned. We will find that the product can be used within various diets, provided that it is not over-consumed because it is very high in calories.

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