Calories in fast food

Subway calories


subway calories, It may look a bit heavy like other fast food. It offers many fast food and sandwiches.

Which includes meat, chicken, vegetables, In addition to tuna and cheese.

And many different additions that meet the different needs of Subway customers.


Subway calories

In the following lines, we explain the calories in Subway sandwiches and the various meals of the Subway restaurant.

which can be divided among sandwiches, and wraps meals on el baik bread, And ciabatta panini meals.

In addition to side orders, salads, and side additions.


Calories in Subway sandwiches

Chicken tikka sandwich

This sandwich consists of a number of pieces of grilled chicken breast with tikka flavor. The sandwich is mostly served with condiments and fresh bread.

The sandwich is offered in two sizes. the first; 6 inches, 368 calories. And 12 inches with 736 calories.

Calories in chicken tikka sandwich

Teriyaki chicken sandwich

This sandwich contains teriyaki chicken strips that got a distinctive red color from sweet onion sauce without fat.

This sandwich is served hot and toasted between two slices of fresh bread.

The sandwich is offered in two sizes. the first; 6 inches, 363 calories. And 12 inches with 726 calories.

Calories in Subway Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich

Fajita chicken sandwich

Chicken fajita sandwich is served with a number of delicious condiments and fresh bread.

In addition to sandwiches in two sizes, the first; 6 inches, 390 calories. And 12 inches with 780 calories.

Calories in chicken fajita sandwich

Chicken pane sandwich

The chicken pane sandwich included pieces of crunchy vegetables with fresh bread.

And the first size of the sandwich contains, 6 Inch 434 Calories, And 12 inches, 869 calories.

Calories in Chicken Pane Sandwich, Subway calories

Italian BMT sandwich

Italian bmt sandwich contains rich and distinctive filling, and miscellaneous.

Which contains slices of salami, pepperoni and smoked turkey.

In addition to a set of vegetables and spices that can be chosen by the customer.

The first sandwich size is available. It measures 6 inches and contains 447 calories. And 12 inches, 894 calories.

Calories in BMT Italian Sandwich

Halloumi cheese sandwich

This sandwich features halloumi cheese, which has a distinctive taste. In addition to serving it with an array of flavorful condiments between two slices of freshly baked bread.

Regarding the calories in this sandwich, it is available in two sizes. 6 inches, 460 calories. The second is 12 inches, with 920 calories.

Calories in halloumi cheese sandwich

Rotisserie chicken sandwich

The Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich comes in two sizes. 6 inches, 493 calories. The second is 12 inches, with 986 calories.

Calories in rotisserie chicken sandwich

Peri peri chicken sandwich

This sandwich consists of a group of delicious grilled chicken breast pieces, Which carries a distinctive flavor in addition to the wonderful taste of peri peri.

Moreover, the sandwich is served with wonderful spices. And fresh bread.

And you can get a peri peri chicken sandwich, two sizes; the first is 6 inches, with 333 calories, In addition to the second size, 12 inches, with 666 calories.

Calories in peri peri chicken

Grilled chicken breast sandwich

Grilled chicken breast sandwich contains, On deliciously marinated and grilled chicken breast pieces, In addition, this sandwich contains crunchy vegetables, With two slices of delicious fresh bread.

This sandwich has a total of 341 calories. in the first volume, 6 inches, In addition to the number of 682 calories in the second size, The 12-inch.

Calories in grilled chicken breast

Turkey breast sandwich

You get 303 calories from this sandwich in the first 6-inch size. Plus 606 calories in the second 12-inch size.

This sandwich contains slices of delicious turkey breast, And low fat.

But at the same time, a sandwich full of crunchy vegetables. In addition to the fat-free seasoning.

Calories in turkey breast sandwich

Subway tuna sandwich calories

This sandwich is slightly different with the presence of tuna. instead of chicken or turkey, Which is famous for the Subway restaurant, But delicious as always.

This delicious sandwich consists of a mixture of tuna, mayonnaise sauce and vegetables.

One of the advantages of this sandwich is that its ingredients can be modified. According to the customer’s desire.

In any case, on average, 500 calories can be obtained in the small size of a tuna sandwich. Also 1000 calories from the large size.

Calories in tuna sandwich

Steak and cheese sandwich

This last sandwich also comes out of the mantle of chicken sandwiches. It also contains delicious steak and delicious cheese. It is a luxurious and distinctive combination. For meat and cheese lovers.

Moreover, The steak is cut into melt-in-your-mouth slices with cheese for a rich experience that you will not forget.

This sandwich contains 315 calories in its small size. And 630 calories in the largest size.

Calories in a steak and cheese sandwich

Vegetable pie

This vegetable pie, also called a “veggie patty”, is made primarily of vegetables. However, any kind of seasoning that the customer prefers can be added.

This pie contains 432 calories for the 6-inch size. And 863 calories in a 12-inch serving.

calories in vegetable pie, Subway calories

Calories in wrap meals

Steak and cheese roll

Other than steak and cheese sandwiches, Steak and cheese is available in the form of tortilla bread. Which is available in three different flavours.

Also, other than meat and cheese, inside the roll, spinach tortilla flavour, or habanero tortilla flavor, or white canola tortilla flavor, With a number of calories 621 calories.

Calories in Steak and Cheese Roll

Spicy chicken roll

The roll includes spicy chicken with three different flavours, a spinach tortilla, In addition to the habanero tortilla, In addition to the white canola tortilla, with a number of calories reaching 709 calories.

calories in spicy chicken, Subway calories

Rotisserie chicken roll

This roll includes, chicken cooked in rotisserie style, The previous three flavors can be added, It contains 676 calories.

Calories in rotisserie chicken

Calories in Ciabatta Panini Sandwich

Ciabatta is an Italian-style bread. It is mostly roasted and delicious. And in the Subway restaurant, you can get two sandwiches with this bread.

two; Steak Melt contains 623 calories. The second is Rotisserie Chicken Pesto, which contains 579 calories.


Calories in Subway Salads

subway restaurant salads, It is a filler for restaurant sandwiches that has been transformed into healthier salads.

Moreover, it contains yellow mustard sauce. fat free, rich in flavour, It contains between 86: 302 price per plate.

chicken tikka salad, Subway calories

Calories in Subway Side Orders

Calories in Subway side orders that can be had include; Potato wedges.

Which contains 458 calories per 225 grams. You can order it as an additional meal.

In addition, the side orders include cookies, which contain between 220: 324 calories.

Also a bag of potato chips. which can be returned to the package; To see how many calories are in it.

Additional drinks can also be obtained. Such as water, juice or ready-made canned drinks prepared by the restaurant itself.

Not all of them contain any calories.

calories in potato wedges, Subway calories

Calories in subway toppings

Various additions can be obtained on Subway sandwiches in its various variety, It consists of cheese in addition to meat.


Calories in extra cheese

It is a cheese of the same type of filling found in sandwiches. And sizes 6 inches.

It contains between 36 and 58 calories. and 12 inches, It includes between 72: 116 calories.

Calories in extra cheese

Calories in extra meat

It is a meat of the same type of filling, It measures 6 inches and contains 212 calories. and 12 inches, It includes between 112: 425 calories.

Calories in extra meat


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