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Shawarmer calories


calories in shawarmer, If you are looking for calories in shawarma for the most famous Saudi shawarma restaurant, Then you are in the right place.

During this article, We review an overview of the restaurant that specializes in shawarma in different shapes and sizes, and the calories in shawarma.

We also review in addition to that; his meals, In addition to the calories in it.

This restaurant started serving its meals in 1999. It provides these meals through chefs and chefs who have gained great experience by traveling around the world.

And they got from those travels a group of new ways that they offer to customers in surprising and distinctive forms through meat and chicken sandwiches.

Which are presented in innovative and different ways and with a variety of flavors, It may sound crazy to some, but it’s delicious to others.

In the following article, we explain the number of calories in the special meals that the restaurant offers through more than 125 branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Shawarmer calories

The meals that Shawarmer Restaurant provides to its customers in its various branches can be divided into a number of fast foods.

It also relies mainly on shawarma in its various forms. and its distinctive flavours.

Here are a number of the meals it serves and the different calories they contain..


Meals without spinning and spinning

Shawarma plate

It is a chicken shawarma dish. It comes at a price of 22 Saudi riyals. In addition to potatoes, appetizers and pickles, Plus a bottle of Pepsi.

It is expected that whoever eats this meal will get 1375 calories.


Keto meal

It is a shawarma meal that is larger than the previous one. It contains the same ingredients with an increase in the number of shawarma pieces. As opposed to completely dispensing with potatoes.

The price of a small chicken shawarma reaches 32 Saudi riyals. 1383 calories can be obtained for those who eat that meal.


Meat shawarma plate

This meal includes the same ingredients as the shawarma meal itself. But with the difference that there are pieces of meat shawarma.

So instead of cutting chicken shawarma, The price of that meal is 32 Saudi riyals.

There are more than 1216 calories in this meal.


Keto meat meal

It is a meat shawarma meal. there are no potatoes, But it suffices with appetizers, salads, mayonnaise, and pickles.

The number of small meat shawarma pieces in this meal is 52 pieces. And whoever eats that meal gets 1156 calories.


Favorite meals

According to Shawarmer Restaurant, The following meals, are special meals, The owners chose it more than once upon entering the restaurant.

Below are the ingredients and calories in those meals.


Arabo meal

It is a group of sandwiches of up to 6 pieces containing small pieces of chicken shawarma.

In addition to mayonnaise and appetizers, a package of small potatoes, and a can of Pepsi, There are two options for this meal.

the first: 24 pieces of chicken, which contains 1633 calories. The second contains 34 small chicken pieces and contains 2315 calories.

There are also meat carts. It contains the same ingredients as the previous meal. However, it differs in that it contains meat instead of chicken.

And with that meal, there are two choices as well. the first: A small meal contains 28 small shawarma pieces of meat. The second is a larger meal containing 42 pieces.

Regarding calories, In the first meal, 1524 calories, And in the second 2291 calories.


melted meal

It is a delicious box of sliced ​​chicken shawarma sandwiches. 28 pieces.

In addition to potatoes, appetizers, mayonnaise and tahini, With a number of calories up to 1479 calories.


Skinny meal

It consists of three thin shawarma sandwiches wrapped in delicious shami bread with delicious shawarma slices of 21 pieces of chicken.

In addition to the usual package of fries and a can of Pepsi, And the number of calories in that meal is 1287 calories.

There is also another type of this meal that is mainly based on meat shawarma, with a number of pieces up to 24 pieces.

In addition to the usual package of potatoes, And a can of Pepsi.

And the number of calories in that meal is 1228 calories.


Duet meal

It consists of two sandwiches of meat or chicken shawarma wrapped in Syrian bread. With a small cup of Pepsi, And a small package of potatoes.

The number of pieces of meat inside the duet meal reaches 22 pieces. With a number of calories up to 1235 calories.

As for the chicken, the number of pieces per meal reaches 18 pieces. With a number of calories up to 1360 calories.


Calories in Shawarmer – Special Meals, Calories in shawarma


Tannouri meal

It is a huge sandwich of delicious chicken shawarma with 21 pieces of chicken.

Moreover, a cup of Pepsi is added to it. and a packet of potatoes, With a number of calories up to 1343 calories.


Shishwish meal calories

It is the same as the previous meal, with up to 22 pieces of chicken. But as is understood from its name, is a hot meal, With a number of calories up to 1416 calories.


Rahiya Shawarmer Meal Calories

Same as the previous meal. with more chicken pieces, With more seasonings and spices, And the number of calories for those meals is 1750 calories.


Abu Khalta meal

This meal is distinguished by the distinctive mixture that consists of oriental spices and seasonings, in addition to onions. This meal is mainly based on meat shawarma, with 24 pieces.

And whoever eats that meal gets 1434 calories.


Calories in Shawarmer – Meals for you and your loved ones

As the name of these meals shows, They are family meals. enough for more than two people, Below are the details of those meals and calories in shawarma.


Shawarmer dip meal

This meal contains the usual appetizers such as sauce, mayonnaise and tahini. In addition to seven medium-sized chicken shawarma sandwiches.

The calories in each sandwich are 168 calories.


Bites meal

It is a delicious box of small chicken shawarma sandwiches. Approximately 20 small sandwiches. Each of them contains 64 calories.



Other than the calories in shawarma for previous meals and the calories in shawarma in general, There are a number of additions that can be added to previous meals in one request.

Among those meals; shake meal, It’s boiled potatoes. with delicious spices, And its price reaches 16 riyals. And the number of calories in it to 804 calories.

hot potato meal, It’s a hot, crunchy potato. And its price reaches 15 riyals. And the number of calories in it is 765 calories.

feather meal, And the number of calories in it reaches 410 calories.


Calories in Shawarmer sauce

Shawarmer has many different sauces, such as tahini, which contains 110 calories.

In addition to Tommyeh, which has 204 calories. and molasses 85 calories, And Nika, which has 77 calories, And Altomkzier, which contains 205 calories.



There are many types of drinks between medium and large sizes.

For example, the medium size of Pepsi contains 126 calories. As for the large size, it contains 225 calories. Regarding the 7 Up drink, There are 57 calories in the average size. As for the large size, it contains 102 calories.


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