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Round and Silky Cappuccino Dolce Gusto Calories


Round and Silky Cappuccino Calorie Dolce Gusto, an instant coffee drink mixed with milk, sugar, finely ground coffee, And other food ingredients that give a distinctive flavor to the drink.

In the following report, we will monitor the most important nutritional components that this cappuccino drink contains, from which it was prepared, In addition to the detailed calorie food label in this product, especially its macro calories, Which is one of the important calories that must be followed in any diet.

Round and Silky Cappuccino Dolce Gusto Calories

The calories in a 23.3-gram capsule are about 83.2 calories. Macros calories are distributed within that capsule between protein of 3.6 grams, It is the lowest percentage among the three macro calories. And then followed by fat by 4 grams, Finally, carbohydrates come in at 8.2 grams. It is the highest percentage of macro calories. In fact, the percentage of carbohydrates is very high. Especially since the product is just a drink, It is not real food that can benefit the body with nutritional components that help it feel full.

but anyway, This product can be consumed within our diet, As long as it is consumed within reasonable limits, appropriate to our diet. It was not overdone.

Round and silky cappuccino dolce gusto

Ground roasted coffee with whole milk powder and sugar

Nutritional ingredients in Cappuccino Round & Silky Dolce Gusto

  • Ground roasted coffee
  • Full cream cow’s milk powder
  • sugar
  • Contains milk
  • May contain soy
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Dolce Gusto
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